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Workers' Compensation (Page 2)

If an injury is work-related, the employer must provide health care for the injury or illness; and indemnity benefits (money directly to the worker) as a partial substitute for lost wages, if the worker is unable to work for a period of time due to the injury or illness.

A New Mexico employer can dispute your workers compensation claim.

If the worker, employer, and insurer all agree that a claim is covered and the worker is entitled to benefits, the claim will be covered and the worker will receive the benefits set forth by law. However, often times there are disputes from the employer or insurer which prevent the worker from receiving any benefits. For instance a claim may be denied because the employer or insurer says:


  • The accident did not happen at work, or the worker’s injury or condition was not caused in the course and scope of employment.
  • This person was not an employee of the employer.
  • This employee is not a New Mexico employee.
  • The injury was self inflicted or otherwise deliberately caused by the worker.
  • This worker is in an exempt category and the employer has chosen not to cover employees in this category.

If your claim has been denied for any reason, or you believe you are entitled to more compensation than you have been awarded, then you may need a Workers’ Compensation attorney. At Sanders, Bruin, Coll & Worley P.A. we have represented hundreds of workers who have been denied worker’s compensation benefits. We are committed to serving our clients in the most professional manner with the goal of getting you benefits while taking the stress of the process away from you.