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New Mexico Workers Comp Insurance Objections

Are You Getting the Run-Around While Trying to Receive Workers Compensation?

For the millions of individuals who go to work on a daily basis, getting injured on the job is not on their schedule. However, work-related injuries can occur often.

When you have been injured at work, you want to be sure that your workers compensation rights are not hindered. With that in mind, working with a New Mexico workers compensation attorney might be in your best interest.

He or she will do their best to make sure you do not get denied the workers comp rights you have within the workplace.

Are you ready to make the call to ensure your rights are not taken for granted?

Let a New Mexico Workers Comp Attorney Fight for You

In reaching out to a workers compensation attorney in New Mexico, be sure to discuss the following matters:

  • • Doctor disputes – Are there disputes between your doctor and your company’s doctor over your treatments? Your employer and their insurer will oftentimes request that you see a specified doctor of their choosing.
  • • Insurance company – Don’t let your company’s insurer give you the run-around. By having the right legal counsel backing you, there is much less of a chance of you missing out on the treatment you require in getting back to work (see more below).
  • • Going back to work – It is also important that the insurer (and your employer) doesn’t try and rush you back to work too soon. If this happens, your performance level could be impacted. As such, it could put your employment in jeopardy. Remember, workers’ compensation is in place to help you get better. It also is to the benefit of your employer, lessening the chances you will sue them for the injuries suffered while on the job. This is especially important to the employer if the proper safety protocols were not in place at the job site.

Disputes between the employee and employer over workers’ compensation benefits is always a possibility, so make sure you have the right workers compensation attorney on your side.