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Swimming Pool Accidents

Avoid Having Your Plans and Finances Sunk

Did you ever expect a trip into a swimming pool, be it while on vacation at a hotel or resort or possibly a neighbor’s during a summer get-together, to turn into the mess it did?

That mess would end up being you or a family member injured (or worse), possibly seeing your plans for many years to come sunk. If the injuries (or worse) involve your child, the impact is even more profound.

In the event you or a loved one are injured in such a scenario, reaching out to a personal injury attorney in New Mexico is a necessity, not a choice.

When working with a New Mexico personal injury attorney, he or she can guide you as to how best going about making sure those responsible for your injuries are held accountable.

Among the pieces of information to share with a personal injury attorney in your area of the country:

  • Accident details – Did the accident occur at a place of business (hotel, motel, resort etc.) or at someone’s home you were visiting? Even in the event the accident occurred on your property, you may still have a case. A defective pool (above-ground or ground level) was likely placed there by workers. Were all the necessary safeguards put in place before the pool was deemed operational?
  • Business safeguards – If the swimming pool accident occurred on a company’s property, was the pool safe to enter at the time of the accident? Was there a lifeguard on duty when your accident occurred? Did company staff tend to you immediately until EMT’s and/or police arrived on the scene?
  • Admitting negligence – Has the person or business owning the pool admitted negligence, noting your injury was their fault?
  • Medical bills – Lastly, what kind of medical bills are you facing? Has your injury led to (or will lead to) extended missed time at work?

Finding the best New Mexico legal help will give you a fighting chance in making anyone responsible for your injury pay the necessary financial costs you face.

Don’t let what was supposed to be a fun outing sink you.