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Shopping Mall Injuries

Shopping for the Right New Mexico Personal Injury Attorney
When you’ve been injured in a shopping mall  in New Mexico, you might think that your legal recourse is limited. However, you may have a legal case that will hold the negligent party accountable for their actions.

By turning to a New Mexico personal injury attorney, you will have a better understanding of your case, and all of its potential outcomes.

Bring the Facts to Your Personal Injury Attorney
In order to put forth the best legal case, make sure you share the following with your personal injury attorney in New Mexico:

  • •Accident facts – How were you injured? Were you inside or outside of the mall? If you were inside, was it a slip-and-fall due to a wet spot left unattended on the floor? Was it from falling, unsecured merchandise?
  • Were you injured outside? Were you struck by another patron’s vehicle or a store vehicle? Perhaps it was due to poor lighting or improper sign placement. pDid you fall due to cracks or small potholes in the parking lot pavement?
  • •Injury facts – Did you see a doctor? What is the prognosis for recovery? Inform your personal injury attorney of both the physical, mental and maybe even financial injuries you are suffering from.

When someone else is the cause of your serious injury at a New Mexico shopping mall, do not brush it aside. Make sure those who are negligent are held accountable.