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Retaliatory Employer Workers Comp Attorney

Don’t Let a Retaliatory Employer Alter Your Life Moving Forward

When you have suffered a serious injury in the workplace due to the negligence of others, how do you legally fight back?

When you contact a New Mexico workers compensation attorney, you have the opportunity to better position yourself tin making sure your employer does not get away with not paying you your rightful compensation.

You do not want your employer retaliating against you for filing for workers’ compensation, either. In some cases, they may also look to retaliate when you blow the whistle on safety concerns.

Is it time you made the call for help to a workers compensation attorney in New Mexico?

Let a New Mexico Workers Comp Attorney Fight for You

In reaching out for legal assistance, be sure to share with your workers compensation attorney any of the following treatment you may have received:

  • Unfair treatment from your employer after submitting a workers compensation claim;
  • Required to return to work before you were physically and emotionally ready to. This could lead to your dismissal if your boss senses you’re not doing your job up to previous standards;
  • Being singled out for underperforming, though this was never an issue in the past with your employer;
  • Receiving different treatment from not only your boss, but also your co-workers;
  • Drop in your salary; or
  • Being passed over for potential promotions.

If there is retaliation by your employer following your workplace injury, make sure you fight back through the legal channels.

In the event you do not, you could end up ultimately losing your job and your ability to pay your bills.

If you decide that it is time to take legal action, contact a New Mexico workers compensation attorney today.