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Albuquerque Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

Many Americans entrust the care of their loved ones to nursing homes or assisted living facilities. The reality is that as people are living longer their need for long-term, round-the-clock care increases.

As more and more of the nation’s elderly and disabled become residents at nursing homes or assisted living facilities, the opportunity for abuse and neglect grows. Abuse and neglect hits residents who need assistant with activities of daily living (ADL) the hardest. This is because they require assistance when eating, bathing, toileting, and any at any other time movement is required.

However, abuse and neglect can also affect so-called independent residents. These residents may become seriously ill and require special attention or medication.

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In situations of neglect, the avoidable consequences of everyday, routine illness can become severe and may lead to hospitalization. Since nursing homes are facilities where residents come into contact with other residents on a daily basis, there is an increased likelihood of developing contagious illnesses. As the older population have immune systems that are more likely to be compromised, any illness can become serious and can even be fatal.

Unfortunately, abuse is also a commonplace problem when care for the aging population is involved. Abuse goes beyond neglect; these are the deliberate actions of people trusted with the care of nursing home residents. These caregivers may “punish” residents by threatening to isolate them or by withholding routine care, such as bathing and toileting.

Abuse and neglect can be difficult to pinpoint, since so much of the care for aging loved ones is entrusted to people without much question or observation. However, if you suspect that your loved one has been a victim of nursing home abuse or nursing home neglect, it is important that you contact a nursing home abuse lawyer immediately.