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Albuquerque Bicycle Accidents Attorney (Page 2)

Don’t Stand for Being Injured in a Bicycle Accident

Getting out on one’s bicycle is meant for seeing some of the local town or countryside, taking in some fresh air, even working one’s body into better shape if need be.

What bicycling is not intended for is being the victim of a serious accident.

In the event you’ve been injured in a bicycling accident, will you pick up the phone and call a New Mexico personal injury attorney to fight for you?

If you do, keep in mind that he or she can’t guarantee you that your case is a proven winner, but they can work their hardest to make sure your concerns and rights are heard and protected.

In reaching out to a personal injury attorney in New Mexico following a serious biking accident, be sure to provide them with information such as:

  • Details – Where and when the accident occurred. Were you in a bike lane or elsewhere that was considered safe for cyclists at the time you were injured? If you were on the road, did you obey traffic signals just as drivers are expected to?
  • Injuries – What injuries were suffered and did you receive medical care on the spot? If law enforcement was called to the scene, was anyone cited for driving infractions? Did anyone admit to fault in causing the accident and your injuries?
  • Medical bills – Approximately what amount of medical bills have resulted from your cycling injury. As any personal injury attorney can tell you, those expenses can add up rather quickly, leaving you in a financial bind sooner rather than later. This especially becomes a factor if you are forced to miss time at work, time that you may not be compensated for when all is said and done.

If a biking accident has left you feeling flat and in pain, don’t subscribe to the idea that there is nothing you can do about it.

With the right New Mexico legal help on your side, you have a better chance of riding off with your rights and finances intact.